Bringing Help, Hope, Inspiration and Joy to Children One Assist at a Time!

Your generous donations will give children Hope…and Pave the Way for Future Champions!

Meadowlark would love knowing that his friends and fans are joining together to honor him by fulfilling one of his BIG DREAMS…bringing Meadowlark Lemon Legacy Basketball Courts into neighborhoods giving children and families a place to connect, Dream and have fun!

Through “Camp Meadowlark” Basketball Camps and other events, children will also have an opportunity to learn what a unique gift they are to this world, and how to develop their gifts like Meadowlark did through Hope, Vision, Dedication, Hard Work, Good Character and a belief that All Things Are Possible! Meadowlark Lemon Legacy Courts will give future champions a place to DREAM, connect and train.

Thank you for assisting us in keeping Meadowlark’s Dreams and Legacy Alive, and giving children a chance to be Great!

~Dr. Cynthia Lemon CEO and Co-Founder

~Crystal Joy Lemon Brix Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

The Meadowlark Lemon Legacy Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and your contribution may be tax-deductible.  Please consult your tax advisor.

Your generous contributions can be in many forms:

  • Monetary Donations to build or refurbish basketball courts for children and hold Camp Meadowlark Basketball Camps.
    • Gratefully accepted online or at  6501 East Greenway Parkway, Suite 103
      Scottsdale, AZ 85254  United States of America
  • Attend Court Dedications – Contact us to be added to our invitation list.
  • Attend Meadowlark Lemon Legacy Foundation Charity Events to be held throughout the year – Contact us to be added to our invitation list.
  • Event Sponsorships – Contact us.
  • Auction Items for our Events –  Contact us.
  • Volunteer – Your valuable time is a wonderful gift. To learn about volunteering opportunities please Contact us.

MLLF Basketball Court Rendering